Episode One: Transports and Touchdowns


Episode One: Transports and Touchdowns

 Today on our premiere episode we are delighted to have Mr. Everett, the head of one of the Humberview Secondary School's Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program.  The Transportation SHSM is our first SHSM program and this is the first in our three part series on the exciting certification programs that Humberview offers, so stay tuned!

We also sit down with Ryan, a student member of the Humberview senior football team who is here to tell us a bit about Friday Night Lights.

And finally, Mr. Cockell gets to learn a bit about this "Snapchat" students are all messing around with.  

Episode Notes:  

  • If you are interested in checking out the Empowering Modern Learners Podcast, it can be found at: modernlearners.ca
  • If you want to learn more about the Transportation SHSM you can go to:  http://humberviewshsm.webstarts.com
  • Thank you to audiomarket for the use of their royalty free music.  
  • Thank you to Sahib for his original theme music.