Episode Two: Trees and Treats

Hello Huskies! This is our second episode. On this episode we are thrilled to talk to Mr. Cresswell about our hopefully not doomed earth, the students of Humberview and their thoughts and opinions on Halloween in a new segment called "Word on the Street", we get the opportunity to talk to Sheryar, who is a member of the Student Activity Council, to learn about the SAC's upcoming plans for this year and their Halloween events and Mr. Cockell is educated on the trending show Stranger Things.


Episode Notes:

If you are interested in learning more about the Environment SHSM you can check the out at their website: https://conserveandsustain.life/

Thank you to Grant for his original theme music.

A special thank you to the Empowering Modern Learners podcast for mentioning us in episode 7.  You can listen to their podcast off of their website: modernlearners.ca